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How Treating The Stress In Your Life May Help You Get Rid Of Your Tension Headaches

Suffering from tension headaches can be tiresome, especially if you have headaches almost every day. Tension headaches are extremely common and can be caused by many things, but stress is one of the common causes of these types of headaches. If you have headaches all the time and have a lot of stress in your life, you may need to find ways to reduce your stress levels if you want to find relief from your headache pain. Read More 

Cervical Spondylosis: Don’t Let Your Senior Years Give You A Pain In The Neck

If you have been experiencing gradual neck pain during your senior years, it could be due to osteoarthritis of the cervical spine, otherwise known as cervical spondylosis. This condition, which is a type of disc degeneration, often occurs due to deterioration of the discs and vertebrae of the neck as one ages. When bone spurs develop from cervical spondylosis and press on sensitive nerves, you may experience chronic or recurring neck pain. Read More 

Maintaining An Osteoporosis-Friendly Diet: Three Things You Need To Know

Osteoporosis is a metabolic bone disease that causes decreased bone mass and bone quality. In the United States, experts estimate that around 10 million people already have the disease, while another 18 million Americans are at risk of getting the disease. Various factors, including genetics, lifestyle and alcohol intake, can all increase the risk of osteoporosis, but dietary changes can help mitigate some of the risk. If a doctor diagnoses you with osteoporosis, find out how your diet can help you deal with the problem. Read More 

Why You Should Seek Counseling Services For Your Unplanned Pregnancy

If you are young and unmarried and recently discovered you are pregnant, you may think you have a lot of time to make the decision as to what you should do about your pregnancy. Unfortunately, you don't have as much time as you think. A baby grows full term in 40 weeks, and this period of time can go quickly. Instead of putting off this decision, you should seek help from a pregnancy counselor so you can have all the information you need to make a good decision. Read More 

Phobias: Help Your Loved One Get Over Their Irrational Fear Of The Unknown

If your loved one's fear of the unknown becomes so severe and intense that it threatens to destroy their life, you may wonder if there's something deeper going on with them. Fear is something most people experience at some point in their lives, such as the fear after getting into an auto accident or visiting the doctor's office. The individuals generally learn to deal with their fears by conquering the things that cause them. Read More