4 Ways You Can Naturally Reduce Your Allergy Symptoms

Having allergies isn't fun, and it can be a downright miserable experience for some people. If you struggle with allergies, you'd probably like to find some way to diminish the symptoms. While medication can help, it isn't always enough. Here are four additional ways you can potentially reduce your allergy symptoms.

Avoid Bringing Pollen In

Seasonal allergies are typically caused by pollen from plants, which is why you probably experience stronger symptoms outdoors. However, the pollen that's in the air outdoors can potentially come in with you, even if you keep your windows sealed.

If you continue to have bad allergies indoors after being outside, you may be bringing in pollen with you. Pollen can collect on clothing, hair, and shoes. To reduce the risk of being exposed to the pollen indoors, take a quick shower when you come inside, change your clothes, and if possible, leave your shoes outdoors.

Neti Pot

Neti pots are tools that are designed to flush the sinuses out with clear, clean water. They're often recommended for people who are struggling with allergies or for patients who have a cold that's affecting the sinuses. A neti pot is inserted in one nostril, and a steady stream of water flows into your sinuses and out through the opposite nostril. Neti pots can flush any inhaled pollen out of your sinuses, even if they're trapped deep inside where it's harder to blow them out of your nose.

Green Tea

Green tea has plenty of health benefits, but one of the advantages that might help you is the anti-histamine quality of green tea. Since green tea is a natural antihistamine, it can be used alongside prescription antihistamine drugs. For best results, try using a decaffeinated green tea.

Licorice Root

Lastly, licorice root is something that acts as a natural steroid. Steroids are often prescribed to help reduce inflammation in the body, including the sinuses. Inflammation is what causes the sniffling and congestion symptoms that are typically a part of seasonal allergies. However, unlike prescription steroid medications, licorice root is non-addictive and can be safely consumed on a regular basis without causing harm.

If you're struggling with strong seasonal allergy symptoms, make sure to visit your doctor to see what options they can offer you. Allergy testing can help your doctor to narrow down exactly what variety of pollen or plants are causing your symptoms, and it will make it easier to figure out an allergy treatment.