Reasons Why You Should Not Do Certain Things With Your Contact Lenses

Despite the fact that contact lenses come with multiple warnings, you still see people doing weird things with their lenses. It makes you wonder why they do those things when, clearly, they should not. If you have had some warnings about the care and use of your contacts, then you already know. If not, the following will shed additional light on bad lense habits and why you should not do those things to or with your lenses. Read More 

4 Things To Consider When Purchasing Diagnostic Imaging Equipment For A Medical Practice

Diagnostic imaging is used in a number of ways in the medical field, and if your practice needs diagnostic imaging equipment it is important to be very mindful of your purchase. Whether you need to update outdated equipment or are outfitting a new practice with the latest technology, buying diagnostic imaging equipment is a big investment that should be taken very seriously. Consider the following things when purchasing diagnostic imaging equipment for a medical practice: Read More 

Varicose Veins and Treatment

Varicose veins can be unsightly, and you're probably wondering what you can do to get rid of them. They generally show up in your legs but can be found in other parts of your body as well. Keep reading to learn more about varicose veins and treatment options. Varicose Veins Your leg veins have leaflet veins that are designed to work with the muscles of your leg in order to pump the blood out of your legs and up into your heart. Read More 

Tips To Ensure The Success Of Your Plantar Fasciitis Orthotics

If you have a painful foot problem like plantar fasciitis, then you may want to speak to your podiatrist or general physician about ways to reduce the foot pain. Orthotics may be suggested to assist the problem. There are a few things you can do to make sure the orthotics are successful. Keep reading to learn what these things are. Ask For Custom Devices You can purchase orthotics from a number of stores and online retailers. Read More 

When New Year’s Resolutions Go Down The Drain: How To Recommit To Your Fitness Goals

It's been a few months since New Year's--are you still going strong with your fitness goals? If not, don't be too dismayed, Forbes says that only 8% actually keep those resolutions. But instead of waiting until next January to pick up where you left off, why not start now? Here are some health tips to help you become motivated once more. 1. Make a contract You've probably heard the advice that you should write down your goals. Read More