4 Surprising Things You Didn’t Know About Lung Cancer

It’s easy to think of lung cancer as something that will only affect you if you’re a smoker, or possibly something that can only happen to older people. However, these are just two of the many misconceptions that people tend to have about lung cancer. Take a look at some of the surprising facts that you may not know about lung cancer, and find out if you or someone you care about is at risk. Smokers Aren’t The Only Ones Affected While the connection between smoking and lung cancer is undeniable, smokers aren’t the only people that are affected. As a matter of fact, up to 20% of the people who die from lung cancer annually are non-smokers (although some portion of these patients develop cancer due to exposure to secondhand smoke.) The fact is, if you have lungs, it’s possible that you are at risk for lung cancer, even if you’ve never smoked a cigarette in your life. Of the factors unrelated to tobacco use that cause lung cancer, the leading cause of lung cancer is exposure to radon Continue Reading →

A Seizure Response Dog May Be an Epileptic Child’s Best Friend

Kids love dogs. For kids with epilepsy, specially trained dogs can return that love and also keep them safe. Seizure dogs wear special vests to identify them as service animals. According to the American Disabilities Act, service animals may go anywhere the child goes, such as into restaurants, malls and grocery stores. If your child suffers from seizures, the following gives brief descriptions on seizure response and seizure alert dogs, a breakdown on preferred breeds, and an explanation on how these animals are typically trained. Difference between a Seizure Response Dog and a Seizure Alert Dog Seizure response and seizure alert dogs have different jobs. Seizure response dogs are trained to perform certain tasks when their owners are having a seizure. Some dogs are taught to find help from family members when a child seizes, whether by barking or searching from room to room. Seizure response dogs may also learn to lie next to the child when they are having a seizure. If a child is on top of a bed or sitting on a sofa, the dog can help keep him Continue Reading →

3 Things To Pair With Legal Steroids To Boost Your Bodybuilding Efforts

Most bodybuilders want to do everything in their power to maximize their efforts at increasing muscle mass. If your workout routine already includes the use of legal steroids, like from companies like SDI Labs, you may be wondering if there is anything else you can do to get the body you want. Well, there is. Here are three additional ways to throttle your workout into overdrive and get the results you want. Digestive Enzymes Anabolism is the process by which your body takes the nutrients in your food and converts them to a usable form to build tissue, bones, and muscle. Therefore, proper digestion is pretty important for bodybuilders. Having said that, digestive enzymes aren’t just for those who have trouble with certain foods making their stomach upset. They can actually help your body process all the nutrients more efficiently by breaking them down the right way and allowing your bloodstream to absorb what it needs. Additionally, they help prevent catabolism, which is the process by which your body breaks down existing muscle and tissue in order to get the Continue Reading →