Physician, Heal Thyself: 7 Ways to Complement Your Chiropractic Treatments

While a chiropractic physician may be able to help you feel less pain and be more active in your life, a chiropractor is not a magician. You need to be proactive with your spine health too; you shouldn’t just leave it all up to the doctors. Unfortunately, strong prescription remedies may actually be counterproductive to the long-term prognosis of people suffering with lower back pain, so it’s important to minimize your dependence on medicine and maximize your chiropractic productivity. Reduce the amount of pain and perhaps the amount of permanent damage you experience by complementing your chiropractic treatments. 1. Drink More Water The discs within your spine actually shrink as you get older, leaving you more vulnerable to injury. This shrinkage is why you see older folks getting shorter as the years go by! The vital elasticity of your soft tissue is directly dependent on your fluid intake too, and that goes a long way in supporting your spine. Water is the best possible drink for you anyway, for a number of other reasons, so chug it down for your Continue Reading →

Portable Ultrasound Machines For Primary Care Physicians: FAQs On Integrating Ultrasound Technology Into Your Practice

If you are a primary care physician, then you may have been thinking about purchasing a portable ultrasound machine to enable you help your patients more efficiently. While your patients’ blood test results and symptom reports can help you pinpoint many illnesses, the ability to also perform a point-of-care ultrasound can help you confirm that diagnosis or realize that a different health problem that you didn’t initially suspect may be to blame. However, you may have some unanswered questions about introducing a portable ultrasound machine into your practice that, due to having a busy life and busy practice, you just haven’t had time to seek the answers to. Read on to learn answers to some of the questions you may have about adding point-of-care ultrasound technology into your practice. 1. How Much Time Do You Have to Devote to Learning To Use a Portable Ultrasound Machine? You likely have a very busy schedule and wonder if the time it takes to learn the technology will just be too much to squeeze into your life. First, realize that there are many Continue Reading →

How To Truly Find Relief For Really Dry Skin

If you suffer from really dry, itchy skin all over your body, the habits you have daily might be worsening the effects and symptoms. Surprisingly, most skin care experts will tell you to avoid all types of lotions if you have dry skin. While this may seem strange, because lotion is supposed to moisturize skin, lotions actually can dry skin out. Here are some tips to help you effectively treat and relieve the dry skin you have on your body. Avoid Lotions Lotions are designed to moisturize your skin; however, they can have the opposite effect for several different reasons: They contain alcohol – Lotion often contains alcohol, which is a common ingredient in skin care products. The problem with this is that alcohol is designed to degrease the skin, and it does this by drying it out. If you are using a lotion that contains alcohol, there is a good chance this lotion is worsening your dry skin problems. They contain scents – One nice part about lotion is its scent, but this scent can actually irritate the skin. Continue Reading →