How To Help Your PANDAS Child Avoid Strep Infections

If your child has been diagnosed with pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorders associated with Streptococcus (PANDAS), you’ll need to do as much as possible to prevent your child from getting strep infections. Your child has a high risk of having a PANDAS episode with each strep infection. According to PANDAS Network, some people report that subsequent PANDAS episodes worsen each time they have a strep infection.  So how, exactly, can you keep your child from getting strep while attending school, especially when children are well-known for spreading germs? Here are a few things to consider.  Teach Your Child Carefully  Defend against the germs that are all over the school by arming your child with knowledge, tissues, and antibacterial hand sanitizer. Of course, teach your children to wash their hands before meals, but make sure they actually do it right and do it long enough to matter, which is actually scrubbing their hands, fingers, and fingernails for at least 20 seconds. Instruct them to never touch their hands to their eyes, nose, or mouth until after they’ve washed their hands.  For times when washing Continue Reading →

The Well-Pampered Patient: Recovery Tips for Tummy-Tuck Surgery

You’ve made the big decision to have a procedure that is going to change your life for the better—a tummy tuck surgery. And you’re committed to the ongoing lifestyle change that will help make it a major success for you and those you share your life with. Your plastic surgeon has evaluated your health status and concurs that this is the right time to go ahead with abdominoplasty, the formal name for this operation in which excess fat is removed. Now all that’s left is to prepare for a recovery that’s the first independent step toward the new you. By planning in advance, you’ll give yourself the gift of recovering in a healthy, relaxed manner that honors the commitment you’ve made to look and feel great from here on out. Post-Surgical Incision Care When you wake up from the tummy-tuck surgery and take a peek at the incision site, you’ll see that your surgeon has inserted drainage tubes. These require your gentle, thorough attention over the next few days, as their purpose is to allow the natural build-up of fluid Continue Reading →

4 Benefits Of Vaporizing Medicinal Marijuana

With the increasing use of marijuana as treatment option for different medical conditions, there is also an increase in routes to administer medicinal marijuana. One alternative is to use vaporizers instead of smoking. There are several benefits associated with vaporizers, which can make marijuana less stigmatized and easier to use. Reduced Stigma Even when you use marijuana for medicinal purposes, there may remain a stigma attached to its use. This can make it difficult to utilize marijuana in public smoking areas, or you may be concerned about the smell inside your home. Vaporizing takes some of the stigma of marijuana away because it is less noticeable than traditional methods of smoking marijuana. Since vaporizers look similar to e-cigarettes, they blend in better in public smoking areas. Much like e-cigarettes, vaporizers, like CBD pens, release a vapor instead of smoke, which will decrease or eliminate the smell if you smoke inside your home. For some medical concerns, marijuana oils, such as CBD oil, provide a better and more concentrated medicinal benefit than inhaled marijuana, with less THC exposure. Vaporizers provide the Continue Reading →