Trace Minerals Needed to Build Strong Bones around Your Dental Implant

Surgical procedures to secure dental implants in the mouth are quite common. In fact, around 500,000 implants are secured each year in the United States to replace missing teeth. If you want a dental implant, then you should know that the devices are quite successful for most people. Success rates are reported as high as 98%. The most successful implants are the ones that have bonded strongly to the jawbone after the implant root is placed in the mouth. Read More 

4 Denture Stigmas That Are No Longer True Thanks to Modern Technology

It's often hard to avoid the stigma associated with dentures. Pop culture has convinced the world that having dentures means you're doomed to have your teeth fall out at inconvenient times, to have fake-looking teeth, and to have poorly designed dentures that do not properly form to the shape of your mouth. Even though these stigmas may remain in the general public, your fears can be quelled by understanding how modern technology has changed the whole process. Read More