How To Alleviate Inflammation From Keratitis With Loteprednol

Your eyes allow you to see the beauty and ugliness of the world. The eyes are one of your most important senses. People perceive 80 percent of impressions from their sight. For these reasons, you cannot take your eyes for granted and must maintain good eye care. Read on to find out how to alleviate inflammation from keratitis with loteprednol. What Is Keratitis? The cornea is the dome-shaped tissue that covers your pupil and iris. Read More 

Outpatient Surgery Centers Offer Patients Another Alternative

Doctors now perform many elective surgical procedures at outpatient surgery centers, which means you can go home on the same day. Although ambulatory surgery centers give many patients better access to medical procedures they need, proper preparation can help you avoid complications as you recover at home. Leading to the Procedure Plan on bringing someone with you to your surgical appointment to take you home afterward. That same person should come with you to your preoperative evaluation at which time you will sign consent forms and complete any additional paperwork your treatment requires. Read More 

4 Reasons To Choose Egg Donation

Egg donation sounds kind of science fiction-y, right? Well, it's not. It's a medical advancement that has allowed women suffering from infertility to have children. There are roughly 6.7 million women who are unable to have children, according to the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology. While some of these women can use their own eggs, others can't. Understanding when an egg donor is necessary is the first step to baby-time success. Read More 

Determining The Cause Of Your Breathing Problems: Is It Asthma, Allergies, Or Both?

Not being able to breathe can put you into a serious panic. Having a panic attack because you cannot breathe only makes the problem worse. When you are ready to breathe easier and better, it may be time to visit an allergist and/or asthma specialist. They will help you determine the cause of your breathing problems. Is It Allergies? Allergies are almost all upper-respiratory. Your sinuses will be congested and/or runny, with tickles in your throat. Read More 

Reasons Why You Should Not Do Certain Things With Your Contact Lenses

Despite the fact that contact lenses come with multiple warnings, you still see people doing weird things with their lenses. It makes you wonder why they do those things when, clearly, they should not. If you have had some warnings about the care and use of your contacts, then you already know. If not, the following will shed additional light on bad lense habits and why you should not do those things to or with your lenses. Read More