Did Football Give Your Child Hammer Toe? Surgery May Be Required

Being a football player is a tough job, especially if you are a youth player. In many situations, a youth football player may suffer from an injury known as hammer toe. If your child experiences this painful situation, treatment is necessary ASAP.

Hammer Toe Can Be Caused By Traumatic Injuries

Football is a high-impact sport that can cause a wide range of injuries: one of these is hammer toe. This injury is most likely to occur if your child's foot is stepped on hard during a game. If the foot of the other player lands directly on a single toe, it could cause it to bend downwards and cause it to stay stuck that way.

This injury is very painful and will take your child out of the game immediately. Even worse, it may linger and make it impossible for them to get back to practice or to play in other games. In a worst-case scenario, it might even make it hard for them to walk. Thankfully, this problem can be managed when the injury occurs.

Caring For The Toe After The Injury

The moment that your child suffers from hammer toe, you need to get them off the field and remove their shoe. This process will be delicate because the foot will be injured and feel painful. Rush your child to the doctor and have them check it out; they can provide some treatment that will ensure it doesn't get worse.

You will also have to gently stretch the toe and use other methods, like toe pads and corn cushions, to keep it from getting worse. These aftercare techniques should be able to minimize the amount of time that your child suffers from hammer toe. In some instances, they may be all you need to eliminate this problem; however, there is also a chance that your child may need more specialized help to restore their foot to its normal health.

Surgery May Be Necessary

While a few simple care techniques may help to alleviate the severity of hammer toe, it might be impossible to get it back to where it was before the injury. If your child's hammer toe doesn't improve in two months, you need to talk to a foot specialist right away. These professionals can inspect the damage and find a way to restore your child's mobility.

Usually, this process requires some form of surgery. For example, arthoplasty can be used to remove the crooked joint of the toe to straighten it out. Other types of surgeries may also be required, depending on the injury. Once the surgery is done, your child's toe should straighten out and allow them to get started in their sport again.

If your child got hammer toe in a sports injury and they need help getting back into shape, don't hesitate to contact a foot doctor right away. These professionals will find a way to manage this issue and prevent serious, and potentially crippling, problems from impacting your child's development as an athlete.