Why Your Child Should Stay With The Family Doctor While In College

When your child goes out to college, you may be scrambling to find them new professionals who can take care of their health. Most schools will offer a form of insurance and have on-staff doctors for those who live on campus. Though it is necessary to have a medical professional available to take care of health issues and emergencies in college, it is also a good idea for your child to stick with the family doctor as well. 

They can see their doctor for checkups

Aside from seeing a doctor when they feel unwell, your child may be perfectly fine while at school. People should go to medical checkups once a year if there are no major health issues. During summer break and winter break your child can see the family doctor to make sure that they are in good health. Since the long-term family doctor will know your child's health history, they will be able to spot differences in their health stats and labs quickly. If they do not have any health concerns in college, seeing a doctor will update them on their general health each year. 

The doctor is easier to talk to

If your child has always had a good relationship with your family doctor, it may be easier for them to talk to their family doctor than a new doctor. College is a time where may students begin to drink, before or after legal age. Many students are also more socially active, yet may lead more sedentary lifestyles. Your child will need to be able to speak to their doctor comfortably and be able to approach the doctor and speak frankly about health concerns and needs. Keeping a doctor that they feel safe with can be pivotal during their blossoming as a young adult. 

They can still be on your insurance

Your child is likely to still be on your insurance during their college years, since most young adults are still coverable on their parent's insurance during their undergrad years. If your student is remaining on your insurance, continuing on with the same doctor is a good idea. By continuing to see the same doctor you know that the doctor is in the network and covered by your insurance. With a child in college, decreasing extra bills is a good idea. If you can decrease extra bills, you may be able to furnish your child with a little bit more spending money and easily afford tuition payments.