Tips For Keeping A Sick Child Calm On The Way To The Doctor

When your child is sick and you've scheduled a visit with the family doctor, the appointment can't come soon enough. Children who are ill may become difficult — you may have a struggle to get them into the car, for example, and they may also fuss or cry on the way to the doctor and even while in the waiting room. As the parent, you want your child to feel that the situation is under control, given that feeling sick can occasionally be scary for some children. Here are some tips that you can use to make the situation as calm as possible.

Explain That Relief Is Coming

Depending on your child's age, he or she may know that a visit to the doctor is the first step toward relief for the illness. For younger children, however, you may need to reinforce this message. It's a good idea to talk to your child about visiting the doctor, making sure that you use terms that will make the child feel comforted and supported. For example, you can explain that you'll be heading to a special place where you'll meet a friendly woman who specializes in taking care of children, and she will provide the right special medication that will help the child feel better.

Provide Some Entertainment

If you have a long drive to the doctor's office, it may be arduous with a sick child. One potential solution is to provide some entertainment to help pass the time. If your vehicle is equipped with an on-board DVD player and screen, playing an animated movie that the child enjoys may help to calm him or her down during the drive. Another option is to give the child a new toy, as this may distract him or her to a degree and help to pass the time during the drive.

Give What Relief You Can

If you know what illness or issue is ailing the child, your ability to provide some degree of relief during or before the drive to the family doctor can be helpful. For example, if the child has a fever, having your spouse or an older child hold a cold cloth on the sick child's forehead can be soothing. If the child is highly congested, using a nasal spray to improve the child's ability to breathe can help to restore some degree of calm and make the child feel less anxious.

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