Consider Help From A Suboxone Treatment Center When You Want To Get Off Opioids

If you're struggling to stop using opioids, you might get help from a suboxone treatment center. Suboxone is used in place of opioids to overcome the side effects of withdrawals. You need a prescription for the drug, which you might be able to get from a doctor at the suboxone treatment center.

The center might provide other sorts of treatments too so you can overcome your addiction. Here's an overview of suboxone and how it can help your addiction to opioids.

Suboxone Is A Compound Drug

Suboxone is a medication made up of two drugs that have different effects. One drug is naloxone. This is the drug used to reverse an opioid overdose. The drug discourages you from injecting suboxone because the naloxone keeps opioids from working. Naloxone doesn't have this effect when taken the way suboxone is supplied as a pill or sublingual film.

The other drug in suboxone is buprenorphine, which is an opioid. It binds to the same receptors in your brain that other opioids bind to, but the effects of buprenorphine are much different. The effects work to decrease withdrawal symptoms and cravings.

This allows you to come off other opioids with less suffering so you're more likely to be successful at beating your addiction. Suboxone has an opioid in it, so it may provide pain relief as well.

Suboxone Is Dissolved Under The Tongue

You take this medication by dissolving it under your tongue. The instructions for taking suboxone are customized to you and can be detailed. You'll need thorough instructions from the suboxone treatment center to take the medication properly so it doesn't make your withdrawal symptoms worse.

It's important to take the medication after withdrawal symptoms begin and you're feeling sick. However, you'll need to wait a specific length of time before you start suboxone and when you took your last opioid, and the length of time varies according to the type of opioid you took. The timing of subsequent doses depends on your condition and reaction to the previous doses.

You might take the drug home and administer it yourself or have it given to you under supervision at an inpatient rehab facility. You may only need the drug for the short term until the worst of your withdrawal symptoms are over.

Suboxone Shouldn't Be Mixed With Other Drugs

It's important that you want to beat your addiction when you start a suboxone treatment program. Combining other drugs or alcohol with suboxone could be fatal. Failing to use suboxone properly could also have negative consequences. To get the best results and stay safe, follow the instructions you receive from the suboxone treatment clinic faithfully.

Also, consider addiction counseling so you can treat the cause of your addiction and increase your odds of recovery. For more information, contact a company such as Houston Suboxone MD.