Is Your Underwear Making You Sick?

Most people choose the underwear that feels the most comfortable, but did you know that there is some underwear that could actually impact your health? Infections and other uncomfortable situations may develop as a result of your underwear.

While wearing a thong or string underwear once in a while is unlikely to cause serious health issues, daily wear could be part of any lingering issues you've noticed. These three things are not uncommon for those who wear thongs and other string-style underwear.

Your pH Levels Could Change

Wearing thongs and other underwear that is less breathable can cause more moisture to linger near your crotch. When this happens, the pH level of your vulva can change. As a result, you could experience a yeast or bacterial infection. If you notice that you are itchy after wearing a thong, this could be the reason why.

Keep in mind that yeast and bacteria growth have other impacts on your body too. For instance, an infection could cause an unusual or unpleasant scent to develop. You may also feel "swampy" or notice irregular discharge when you use the restroom.

You Might Get Itchy

Chafing is another common reaction to string underwear. In fact, the string of your thong could leave redness, itching, and even a bit of swelling. This can impact not only your thighs but also your more sensitive parts. You could develop a rash, similar to one that some people get when they wear a menstrual pad.

You Could Get a Urinary Tract Infection

If you wear thongs, you might be at a higher likelihood of experiencing a urinary tract infection. These infections often develop when bacteria from the anus make their way to the urethra. Thongs are more likely than other types of underwear to allow bacteria to tag along.

If you want to avoid a urinary tract infection, make sure that you are always wiping front to back. Make sure to do so thoroughly so that as little bacteria as possible is able to travel. You might also consider wearing cotton, as it is more likely to stay in place than a silkier fabric. Plus, it's breathable.

Talk to Your Doctor About Healthy Underwear

Did you know that your doctor can help you determine what kind of underwear is safest to wear? If you find that wearing certain types of underwear makes you uncomfortable or even ill, it's time to consider other options. Contact your primary doctor if you have additional questions or concerns.