Looking To Schedule Clinical Laboratory Services? Four Questions To Ask Before Arriving For Your Lab Services

If you need lab work completed, you may be looking for clinical laboratory services to complete your needed lab work. One of the mistakes you can make is assuming that all labs are the same and that they all offer the same services. Before scheduling an appointment for or walking into a lab for services, here are four important questions to ask. 

What Type of Clinical Laboratory Testing Do You Offer?

Most clinical laboratories offer blood tests, but not every test you need is blood-related. Sometimes you may need a urine test or a hair test. Always ask a lab if they offer other types of testing. Then, tell the lab what specific tests you need, such as routine blood testing, pre-surgery blood work, drug testing, or blood glucose testing. 

How Quickly Do You Turn Around Lab Tests? 

Another key question to ask as you look to get lab services completed is how quickly the lab turns the tests around. Some labs can rush the requested labs, while other labs may be backed up and may take days to get the results back to you. If you need the results quickly for a job or a pressing medical concern, you want to find a lab that can get the lab tests completed as quickly as possible. 

Do You Complete Personal Lab Services Only? 

One of the questions that people often fail to think about asking is whether the lab service completes personal lab services or can help you with employment or court-ordered tests. If you have to provide your job with a drug test or you have to take a drug test for court, you may need to find a lab that provides results directly to your employer or the courts. 

Do You Offer Appointments or Walk-Ins? 

The final question you should ask before arriving for lab services is whether the lab offers appointments or walk-ins. Some people prefer an appointment, while others prefer to walk in whenever their schedule allows them to. Think about your preferences and then find a lab that offers what works best for your schedule and needs. 

Knowing what questions to ask clinical laboratory services can help to ensure that you find a lab that offers the services that you are in need of. Reach out to your local laboratory services to find a location that can offer you the types of lab work you need.