How To Identify Vision Problems

If you believe you may have a vision problem, getting treatment now is essential. You need to know that your vision is not declining and that you will be able to see clearly in the future. The first step to getting treatment for vision problems is to identify them in the first place.

These steps help you and your eye doctor identify common vision problems.

Eye Chart Test

The eye doctor will use an eye chart to help you identify areas where your vision might not be as sharp as it used to be. The eye doctor will ask that you read lines of letters as they decrease in size. Your doctor may recommend treatment like contact lenses or glasses if your vision is less sharp than it used to be.


If the doctor suspects your vision is not very sharp, they may use a retinoscope to identify a refractive error. Refractive errors include astigmatism, farsightedness, and nearsightedness. Corrective lenses are often the treatment for this problem.

Examination of Internal Structures

An eye doctor will take a look at the surface of the eye as well. The internal structures of the eye can reveal that there might be something wrong with the cornea or lens. Surgery or lenses might be a treatment option.

This is also why the eye doctor dilates your eyes during a routine exam. When the pupil is large, it provides a better view of the lens, retina, and optic nerve behind the part of the eye that you see. The doctor needs to know what kind of treatment is ideal if you do experience blurriness in your daily vision.

The doctor will also use an ophthalmoscope to look for anything abnormal in the retina or macula that could indicate a need for surgery or some other type of treatment. Identifying structural issues early on is important for getting effective treatment for these types of problems.

Eye Pressure Test

An eye doctor will take a look at the pressure of your eyes as well. The pressure of the fluids in your eye may reveal that you are dealing with an issue like glaucoma. Treatment for glaucoma may involve surgery or eye drops.

See an Eye Doctor Today

Are you ready to treat eye conditions? An eye doctor can help you identify common vision issues so you can get the treatment you need to maintain healthy eyes and vision. Contact an eye doctor for vision treatment.