The FAQ First-Time Clients Have About Botox Injections And After-Care

Do Botox injections require special after-care? If you're new to injectables, take a look at the top post-procedure questions first-time botulinum toxin clients have answered.

When Can You Return to Regular Activities?

Unlike surgical cosmetic procedures, botulinum toxin injections come with little to no downtime. This means you won't need to wait days before returning to work, school, or anything else you normally do.

Even though you can return almost immediately to regular daily activities, you may need to wait at least a few hours before your workout, go for a jog, lift heavy objects, or engage in strenuous activity. If you're not sure about whether you should wait or for how long, talk to your medical provider. The doctor will provide information that is specific to your individual cosmetic and health-related needs.

Can You Wear Makeup After the Injection?

Most clients can apply makeup soon after an injectable procedure. But this doesn't mean you should spread foundation over the area with a heavy-handed technique. Never rub, pat, press on, or massage the injection area right away. If you want to apply makeup in the hours or day after the procedure, gently dust a light powder or stay away from the injection sites completely.

If you aren't able to apply makeup without rubbing or massaging it into your entire face, consider an alternate approach. Instead of foundation, concealer, or powder, focus on your lips and lashes. A glossy lip color or a dark mascara can give you a finished look—without the need to touch the rest of your face.

Will You Bruise After the Injection?

There's no universal or definite answer to this question. Some clients bruise after a botulinum toxin injection procedure, while others have little or no after-effects. If you bruise easily or take a medication (such as a blood thinner) that increases the risk, talk to the doctor before your procedure. Your medical provider may suggest icing the area after your procedure to reduce the potential for bruises.

How Long Will Procedure-Related Bruises Last?

It's likely injection-related bruising will only last for a week at most. But it's possible the discoloration could last longer. If your bruises haven't gradually lightened over the first-week post-injection, contact your doctor. It's possible your body needs more time to heal or a medication you take (over the counter, prescription, or natural supplement) is the culprit behind longer-lasting bruises.

To learn more about Botox injections, reach out to a local medical health professional.