Why A 72-Pack Of 8-Ounce Hand Sanitizer Is A Healthy (And Marketable) Business Choice

COVID-19 has impacted many businesses and threatened them in a dangerous and unpredictable way. However, it is possible to make a difference by using hand sanitizer and taking other steps to keep customers safe. Just as importantly, it is possible to use hand sanitizer purchased in bulk (such as 72-packs of 8-ounce hand sanitizer) to protect customers and advance as a business at the same time.

Why Hand Sanitizer Helps Against COVID-19

With state policies and national rulings about COVID-19 being confusing and hard to understand, businesses need to take a strong stand against this disease and fight it in any way that they can possibly attempt. For example, hand sanitizer is a great way to keep a business safe by providing customers with the protection that they need to avoid getting contaminated by this disease.

However, there are also ways that companies can turn this use of hand sanitizer to their advantage. Consider stocking up on bulk containers of hand sanitizer and using them as a unique marketing tool. Doing so will help them not only protect others but also increase the bottom-line: a win-win situation.

Why Buying in Bulk Is Smart

Buying in bulk is often a good option for businesses, and the same is true when buying hand sanitizer. Many companies sell a myriad of different bulk amounts, such as 72-packs. Businesses that buy this hand sanitizer can give it out for free to customers as a loss leader during the pandemic. These types of gifts are smart because they often make customers feel more loyal to a business.

Eight ounces is a good size for hand sanitizer — it is enough that it will make a difference for a customer but isn't an excessive amount that may be hard for businesses to afford. Giving these bottles out — particularly when creating branded bottles — can place a business right in the home of a customer, always reminding them of the company that took the time to protect them.

72 bottles is a good amount and should last most businesses quite a long time without running out. However, there is also a chance that some businesses may need to purchase multiple boxes and have them shipped at once. In many situations, it is possible to get a loyalty discount for such a purchase, making this option even smarter for those who want to market their company properly.