What Does Erectile Dysfunction Care Consist Of?

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that affects male sexual function. Most men require erections to have a satisfying sex life. When a man has erectile dysfunction, he's unable to attain or keep an erection suitable for penetrative sex. Erectile dysfunction is often upsetting to men and their romantic partners. If you suffer from this condition, you may feel too embarrassed to seek help. However, ED is a medical problem that often requires a medical solution. An ED clinic can provide a care plan to help you regain your sexual function. Here are three aspects typically found in ED care:

1. Testing

Blood tests can tell your doctor a lot about your overall health. For instance, testosterone is the male hormone responsible for libido and sexual function. Most men have high testosterone levels that begin to decline gradually with age. If you're having difficulty maintaining an erection, low testosterone could be to blame. A blood test will allow your doctor to analyze your hormone levels, which will dictate the next steps in your treatment plan. During a diagnostic appointment, your doctor will also measure your blood pressure. Certain blood pressure disorders, such as hypertension, can cause or exacerbate ED.

2. Testosterone Replacement Therapy

If you have low testosterone, don't worry. Hormone imbalances are easy treatable. Testosterone replacement therapy will introduce necessary testosterone into your body through an injection, patch, or gel. Testosterone gel is a good option for anyone who has a fear of needles. Your doctor may also prescribe a transdermal patch that will slowly introduce testosterone into your system through your skin. Some men are prescribed a regimen of testosterone injections instead. Your doctor will decide on the right type of testosterone replacement therapy for you, based on the level of your hormone deficiency.

3. Counseling

Erectile dysfunction often has a psychological component as well. Your mental state governs your arousal to a significant degree. If you have any shame or negative feelings surrounding sex, those emotions may be preventing you from achieving an erection. As part of your ED care, you will have the opportunity to speak to a counselor. A counselor who specializes in sex therapy and ED treatment can help you explore your feelings about sexuality. By resolving unaddressed issues, you can clear away any mental blocks that are preventing you from having a satisfying sex life. Counseling is often most useful in conjunction with other ED care.