Why Choose A Family Medical Practice?

Family medical practices can be thought of as one-stop shops. They have all the medical professionals you and your family need for most of your everyday concerns. A medical practice is usually several doctors working together in the same office. Here are four compelling reasons to choose a family medical practice.

1. Skip the pediatrician's office.

Pediatricians specialize in children's health. They're skilled at examining children, who have individual needs that are distinct from those of adults. They provide necessary vaccines, and they also diagnose and treat illnesses that commonly afflict children. A family medical practice employs doctors who specialize in pediatric medicine. This means you can bring your entire family to one medical practice regardless of their ages.

2. Maintain the same doctor throughout your life.

Family medical practices hire doctors who practice pediatric medicine and internal medicine. That means you and your children will never age out of their care. As your kids transition from childhood into adulthood, they can continue to see the same doctor. This kind of continuity of care can ensure that your kids keep attending their wellness exams. Many teenagers stop seeing a doctor for annual checkups once they age out of pediatric care, and a family medical practice can prevent that from happening. Your adult children can simply keep scheduling and attending their yearly physicals with their doctor.

3. Fulfill your women's health needs.

Once women turn 18, it's recommended that they see a gynecologist annually. Their gynecologist will perform a pelvic exam to ensure that their reproductive organs are healthy. Pap smears and STD tests may be part of the pelvic exam. This appointment is also a good opportunity to inquire about birth control options. Many family medical practices employ gynecologists. You can have all your healthcare needs served by one practice without the need to go elsewhere for women's healthcare.

4. Request a specific doctor or take the next available appointment.

A family medical practice gives you a greater amount of flexibility. If getting an appointment quickly is your primary medical concern, you can call your family medical practice and ask for their next available appointment. They will schedule you an appointment in their next available slot, which may be with any one of the doctors who work for the practice. If you would rather see one specific doctor, that's another option you have. Simply request the doctor you prefer, and the receptionist will book you the next appointment available with that particular practitioner.