Five Mistakes To Avoid When It Comes To Electric Wheelchair Batteries

An electric wheelchair is basically useless once the charge has run out on its battery. You need to do everything you can in your electric wheelchair usage habits to maximize battery lifespan.

Unfortunately, a lot of people make usage mistakes that decrease the amount of power an electric wheelchair has available after recharging. These mistakes will make it so that wheelchair users may be unable to participate in certain events and activities that require a longer lasting charge.

The following are five mistakes you can avoid to optimize the condition and capacity of your electric wheelchair's battery:

Have your own charger for batteries and don't ever use a different charger

It can be damaging to a rechargeable, deep-cycle wheelchair battery to be charged with any charger other than the original charger with which the unit came. You'll, therefore, want to bring your charger along with you when you're traveling and avoid keeping multiple chargers that you use on the same wheelchair.

Make sure that batteries are completely charged before the first use of a new electric wheelchair

How thoroughly you charge your wheelchair batteries when your wheelchair is brand new will have a big impact on how much of a charge your batteries can hold. With deep-cycle batteries, the first charge should be a full charge so that the battery is prepared to reach maximum capacity every time it is charged in the future. 

When you first start using a new wheelchair, avoid significantly depleting the battery

In the first few days that you're using a new electric wheelchair, you should try not to deplete the battery entirely before recharging in the evening. Draining batteries more than a third or halfway at first can detract from how much power your wheelchair batteries will offer in their fully-charged state down the road. 

Recharge your electric wheelchair battery every night

It's good for a wheelchair battery to be fully recharged on a daily basis. Since you're obviously not using your wheelchair while you're sleeping, it's good to get in the habit of plugging it in at night. This way, it will be fully charged and ready to go by morning.

Try not to use an electric wheelchair until the battery is significantly depleted

Generally speaking, you should avoid depleting the battery all the way or most of the way before a recharge. This is not good for a wheelchair battery because it can detract from the amount of power it will hold when fully charged over time. 

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