Four Hearing Aid Maintenance Tips For Better Hearing

Like all mechanical devices, hearing aids need regular maintenance in order to perform at it's best. Otherwise, you can have problems with your hearing that you aren't realizing is starting directly from your hearing aid not performing at it's best. This leads to people replacing their hearing aids sooner or believing that their hearing is deteriorating faster then it should. Here are four maintenance tips for hearing aids that you need to start using on a regular basis:

  1. Cleaning: First off, you should be cleaning your hearing aids everyday. Ear wax is the most major problem for your hearing aids, as well as moisture. Since all hearing aids are made differently, yours will require certain cleaning techniques that differ from others. Ask your audiologist what cleaning techniques are best for the type of hearing aids you have. 
  2. ​Check the Battery: The batteries in the hearing aids need to be checked often and will need to be replaced as soon as it's necessary. Your audiologist will let you know based on your lifestyle how often you should be checking and changing the battery. For example, if you connect your hearing aids to a bluetooth device, then this drains the battery more quickly. 
  3. ​Adjustments: You should be getting adjustments regularly since this is going to make the biggest difference in your hearing. This is because hearing aids are extremely fragile devices so even a small amount of handling can ruin the adjustment settings that work best for you. Regular appointments with your audiologist is going to ensure that your hearing aids are readjusted to where you need them for the best hearing ability. 
  4. Addressing Concerns: Finally, addressing your concerns about your hearing aids to your audiologist is also part of regular maintenance. The reason being that, if you are unable to wait until your next routine appointment, you are able to come in sooner and either get new hearing aids or have them adjusted sooner if you are having trouble. This is the best way to maximize your experience with your hearing aids and prevent problems from deteriorated hearing because you aren't processing sounds properly. There are some cases where the hearing aids might be bad and need to be replaced or the style is simply not the best fit for you. It's important that you are constantly addressing concerns you have for this reason. 

When you follow these four maintenance tips, you can be sure that you are maximizing the use of your hearing aids