Create This Rigid Structure When You’re Trying To Lose Weight

When you've decided that you wish to lose weight, making a firm commitment to a definitive and measurable goal is critical. You should take this same firm idea to set up a structure that will help you find success. Success in losing weight requires you to have a rigid plan — being wishy-washy about your diet and exercise routine can often make it a struggle to see results. Instead, think of some specific areas and plan to be firm with them. Here are some ways that you can do so:

Do Something Physical Every Day

Given that exercise is helpful when you're trying to lose weight, you need to make a firm commitment to keeping active. Telling yourself that you'll try to work out more isn't rigid enough, and you may eventually fall into the habit of always telling yourself that you'll be active tomorrow. When you set a rigid structure of doing something physical every day, you'll be more apt to reach your weight loss goals. Your physical endeavor could be walking, rowing, lifting weights, or even coaching your child's soccer team — the main thing is that you get moving. Making this firm commitment could mean that you find yourself doing jumping jacks after a long day at work, but this is ideal because you might otherwise skip your workout because of fatigue.

Allow Yourself One Cheat Meal

When you've struggled with your weight, it's possible that you've given into the urge to eat unhealthy snacks. If you've improved your diet in an effort to lose weight, it's easy to give into the urge to have a donut, a can of soda, or a big piece of cake from time to time. Doing so might not hurt you, but allowing these things to become a habit — perhaps while telling yourself that you'll eat healthier tomorrow — can be a problem. One way to set a rigid dietary structure is to allow yourself one cheat meal, perhaps every week or every two weeks. Otherwise, you should commit to eating within the parameters of your meal plan.

Weigh Yourself Around A Set Schedule

Those who are trying to lose weight can suffer much heartache by weighing themselves too frequently. For example, if you've just gone for a two-hour walk, you might hurry home to weigh yourself. If the number isn't different than the last time you stepped on the scale, you may get discouraged and feel as though the walk wasn't worth it. You'd do better to set a rigid schedule for weighing yourself. It could be daily at the same time or even weekly; when you set it, try to stick with it.

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