3 Signs That Your Child Might Have Hearing Loss

Many people believe that hearing tests are only important for people who are in their golden years. Although it is true that the elderly have more hearing issues, there are many young people who suffer from hearing loss as well. This is why it is important that parents and guardians recognize the signs that a child has hearing loss. Here are some things you should be looking for.

1. Your Child Has A Hard Time Speaking

One of the signs that is generally missed by many parents is not speaking well. Your child may seem like a delayed talker or a a sloppy talker. Because of this you might try to take them to speech therapy, read to them more, or even worry about a mental disability. Although these may still be merited, it is important to rule out that the child isn't having a hard time speaking because of hearing loss.

You might notice that the child is not speaking all together, or that the child is trying to say words but fails to do certain sounds. All of the words may sound the same without any articulation. Some children who have hearing loss talk very quietly as well. Before you start treating the speech problem, make sure that it wasn't caused by hearing loss.

2. The Child Doesn't Interact Well With Others

If the child isn't hearing well, they might feel isolated from friends and family. While other kids play, they may seem to be disinterested in the games. If the child has hearing loss, they might be missing out on the fun simply because they don't know what is going on. They can't hear the other children playing so they seemingly are ignoring it. In addition, when they do play with other children, they can't properly hear or communicate so they end up wandering off and doing their own thing. Once again, if you feel that your child is missing out on social experiences and seems disinterred, check their hearing.

3. The Child Screams A Lot

Lastly, if the child is screaming a lot, it could be a sign of hearing loss. They can't hear well enough so that when they do make noise, it is loud. This is not how every child presents hearing loss, but it is how some children do. You might notice your child throwing loud tantrums, yelling whenever they want something and so forth.

By looking for these signs you can catch hearing loss early.