When New Year’s Resolutions Go Down The Drain: How To Recommit To Your Fitness Goals

It's been a few months since New Year's--are you still going strong with your fitness goals? If not, don't be too dismayed, Forbes says that only 8% actually keep those resolutions. But instead of waiting until next January to pick up where you left off, why not start now? Here are some health tips to help you become motivated once more.

1. Make a contract

You've probably heard the advice that you should write down your goals. If you've done this already, take it up step: give those written goals to a friend or family member so that they can hold you to it. A professor at Stanford University said that some people found great successes with these commitment contracts when they also had to pay up when they missed a certain workout.

2. Set a schedule with a buddy

You may have been trying to do your fitness resolutions alone, but this can be difficult path to walk (run, bike, etc.). If you have a friend who has their own fitness goals, you both could exchange commitment contracts and make a game out of it. Having a buddy makes working out that much more fun and encourages healthy competition.

3. Track your calories with an app

There's no silver bullet for weight loss and muscles. When it comes down to it, losing weight comes down to a caloric deficit or a greater increase in activity. However, Americans are notorious for having skewed portion sizes, so while you may be eating healthy foods and exercising a lot, you may be eating more than you realize, There are free apps out there, like My Fitness Pal, which let you track your calories and see where each of those calories falls into your macro-nutrients (carbs, fat, protein). 

4. Follow health blogs

Paying for a personal trainer can be expensive and is unrealistic for many people. However, if you quit your goals before because you were bored with your workout routine, Google some fitness and health blogs. You'll find nutritional articles about clean eating; you'll find inspiring weight loss stories; you'll learn more about new exercise circuits and fun outdoor activitie--the list goes on and on.

5. Reward yourself sooner rather than later

You may have made the goal that after you lost 50 pounds, then you could buy a whole new wardrobe. However, that high number may seem like a light at the far end of the tunnel. Instead, why not reward yourself for losing even just a couple of pounds? These little rewards along the way will make your fitness journey more fun and encourage you to develop good habits. And you don't just have to reward yourself with sweet treats, Paleo Leap has lots of good ideas, like rewarding yourself with a TV break, pedicure, a museum tour, and more.