Tips for Reducing Lower Back Pain While Pregnant

If you are pregnant, you are likely excited about having the baby. You might have a name picked out already and are choosing a color to paint the walls of the baby's room. However, you are probably also relatively uncomfortable. You might feel nauseous in the mornings. You might have a hard time sleeping. You might have pain in your lower back. Luckily, the latter problem can be reduced. Here are some tips for reducing lower back pain when you are pregnant.

1. Focus on Your Posture

The best thing to do is focus on using good posture. This will transfer some of the stress away from your back and onto your abdominal muscles. Whenever you are standing or sitting, be sure that your chest is high, your shoulders are back, and that you are standing tall. Because your center of balance is shifted by the baby inside of you, you might feel uncomfortable standing for long periods of time. If this is the case, you can help yourself maintain your posture by resting one foot at a time on a low stool. 

2. Look for Shoes That Have a Low Heel

You want to look for shoes that have a low heel in order to make sure that you are providing enough support to the arches of your feet. The additional weight of the baby might cause problems with your arch if it is unable to withstand the extra weight. By wearing shoes that have low heels, you can ensure better arch support. Good arch support allows you to stand straighter rather than having to compensate for your falling arches. This will help take some of the pressure off of your lower back.

3. Go to a Physical Therapist

Going to physical therapy before and after your pregnancy will help significantly reduce the pain that you might be experiencing in your lower back. This is especially helpful because it will allow you to strengthen your abdominal muscles enough to withstand the weight of the baby through guided exercises with a licensed professional. Talk to your OBGYN to see if there are any physical therapists that he or she knows of that specialize in pregnancy and women's health that he or she could recommend to you.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in physical therapy. They might be able to recommend exercises to relieve your back pain during pregnancy.