4 Benefits Of Vaporizing Medicinal Marijuana

With the increasing use of marijuana as treatment option for different medical conditions, there is also an increase in routes to administer medicinal marijuana. One alternative is to use vaporizers instead of smoking. There are several benefits associated with vaporizers, which can make marijuana less stigmatized and easier to use.

Reduced Stigma

Even when you use marijuana for medicinal purposes, there may remain a stigma attached to its use. This can make it difficult to utilize marijuana in public smoking areas, or you may be concerned about the smell inside your home. Vaporizing takes some of the stigma of marijuana away because it is less noticeable than traditional methods of smoking marijuana. Since vaporizers look similar to e-cigarettes, they blend in better in public smoking areas. Much like e-cigarettes, vaporizers, like CBD pens, release a vapor instead of smoke, which will decrease or eliminate the smell if you smoke inside your home.

For some medical concerns, marijuana oils, such as CBD oil, provide a better and more concentrated medicinal benefit than inhaled marijuana, with less THC exposure. Vaporizers provide the easiest method of utilizing the oil, instead of mixing it with food or taking it as an oral suspension. Additionally, the use of oils tends to be less stigmatized by the public than the use of the dried marijuana plant.

Better For You And Others

Although much of the focus regarding the harmful effects of smoking specifically addresses tobacco smoke, there are ramifications associated with marijuana smoke. Regardless of its source, smoke contains irritants and some known carcinogens, which can damage your lungs, especially if you are a heavy smoker. Switching to a vaporized form of marijuana can reduce some of the harmful effects of inhaled marijuana on your lungs. This can not only reduce your overall risk of lung cancer, but also decrease the risk of other pulmonary conditions, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema, and bronchitis.

Just as reducing or eliminating smoke reduces the impact on your health, it also reduces the impact on the health of the people around you. Second-hand smoke remains a risk factor for lung cancer in non-smokers. Additionally, a concern with traditional methods of smoking marijuana is that others around you may receive a "contact" high, depending upon the type of marijuana and the amount of ambient smoke. Unfortunately, this can have additional ramifications if they must submit to urine or hair strand drug screenings, which may test positive even without direct use of marijuana.

Controlled Dosing

Vaporizers can also help you achieve a specific dosage of marijuana. In contrast to using marijuana cigarettes, you do not have to measure out exact amounts. Many vaporizers have specified cartridges to help you achieve the appropriate dose for your condition. Additionally, marijuana oils are better used in their vaporized form than ingested orally. It is more difficult to predict the amount of the active ingredient that reaches the blood stream when it encounters digestive enzymes in the gastrointestinal system.

Less Fire Risk

When you smoke, especially indoors, there is an inherent risk associated with a lit cigarette of any type. Using a vaporizer reduces the chances of damage to furniture or clothing from falling ashes, but, more importantly, the risk of fire from careless smoking or improper disposal of a lit cigarette is non-existent. This does not mean that vaporizers have no fire risk. It is important to abide by the manufacturer's instructions, such as keeping the vaporizer at a proper temperature or removing the battery when it is not in use for long periods. Much like other batteries, significantly hot or cold temperatures can cause batteries to leak or explode. Since vaporizers become warm in order to create vapor, you should be cognizant about leaving them near any materials that are highly flammable or that melt easily.

When using medical marijuana, it is important to achieve therapeutic benefits without unnecessary increases in other health risks. Using a vaporizer instead of traditional methods of smoking can reduce some of stigma attached to marijuana, while reducing the risks associated with smoke inhalation.