Basketball Players & Lyme Disease: 3 Ways to Quickly Return to the Court

Whether you play in a league, on a school team, or it is just a hobby, becoming infected with Lyme disease can dramatically change your ability to play basketball. The symptoms associated with Lyme disease includes joint pain, fatigue, and severe muscle pains. Instead of missing out on too much time on the court, you can figure out ways to get treated quickly and heal yourself from these symptoms. By using the following three methods with doctor recommendations, you can go back to playing basketball without suffering from the same symptoms that you once had.

Antibiotic Treatment

One of the more common ways to treat Lyme disease is with antibiotics. When you are first diagnosed with Lyme disease, there are a variety of antibiotic pills that a doctor can choose from. These options include doxycycline, amoxicillin, or cefuroxime axetil. The option that you doctor chooses is based on multiple factors. This includes the severity of your symptoms, our health history, and whether you have any medicine allergies that they should be aware of.

Once you start an antibiotic treatment, it's important to follow a strict schedule for the pills that you take. By following the routine, you can ensure that the Lyme disease is eradicated from your body and everything starts to feel normal again. Even if you start to feel healthy enough to go back on the courts, you need to complete your whole dosage so that small strains of the Lyme disease do not linger or come back to cause more symptoms.

Back Pain Treatment

As you are dealing with Lyme disease, there are a lot of physical issues that can keep you off the basketball court. The disease can cause severe pain in multiple areas of your back. When this is the case, it can be nearly impossible to run, dribble, shoot, or jump while playing basketball. To help heal your body and get back into form, you may need to see a professional for back pain treatment. Along with taking the antibiotics, back pain treatment can help heal the physical problems that Lyme disease caused.

During an initial consultation, a doctor will examine your back muscles and spine for inflammation, misaligned bones, and general joint pains. Then a treatment plan will be established. Through this plan, a doctor will establish different methods for treating your back. Deep tissue massages or chiropractic methods can help heal your back. Special exercises may also be performed to help increase flexibility and movement in the back again. By bringing up basketball, a treatment plan may also focus on specific tasks like jumping or quick side to side movements.

Natural Treatments & Supplements

Along with working with doctors, you can help increase your Lyme disease healing at home with a variety of natural products and supplements. By following a regular routine with these supplements, you can rebuild the strength in your body and be prepared to return to the basketball court as quickly as possible. A number of different vitamins have been used to help treat the symptoms of Lyme disease and increase your bone, muscle, and joint support. Vitamin D3 and B6 can help with your body's natural healing and the body's immune system.

Increasing the pro-biotics in your body is another way to help rebuild your body's immune system and ensure that everything goes smoothly. A number of yogurts include pro-biotics and can be used with antibiotics to help return the good bacteria back into your system. The good bacteria can help get rid of any lingering signs of Lyme disease and allow you to return to the court without a number of extended symptoms or problems in the future.

By setting up a health plan with multiple doctors and explaining your desire to play basketball, everything can get set into motion to help you heal through Lyme disease quickly. For more information, contact resources like Isaacson Wayne MD.