5 Benefits Of Taking Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

If you're a woman who is going through menopause, you may suffer from some unwanted and uncomfortable symptoms. For many women, this can be a trying time of life, and it's important to get some relief. One medication that can assist you in coping with the change of life is by taking bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). Knowing some of the benefits of doing so may have you scheduling an appointment with your gynecologist sooner rather than later.

Benefit #1: Reduce hot flashes

One of the biggest complaints from women who are dealing with menopause is being hot or suffering from hot flashes. This can be uncomfortable for any female to deal with on a consistent basis, and it's important to get some relief. Studies indicate that 85% of women who are in this stage of life have hot flashes.

By taking BHRT, you can decrease the severity of your hot flashes significantly and in some cases, entirely.

Benefit #2: Fewer mood swings

It's possible you may deal with many emotions during the day if you're going through menopause. You may wake up happy and be sad by noon. It's common for women who are dealing with the change of life to have numerous mood swings, and BHRT can help alleviate these to some extent.

Benefit #3: Smoother skin

By taking this medidcation you will be able to have smoother looking skin that is more likely to have fewer wrinkles. A loss of estrogen can cause dry skin and make it more difficult for you to combat the signs of aging. 

Additionally, by taking BHRT, this can cause your skin to be less likely to bruise.

Benefit #4: Better sleep

If you find yourself tossing and turning at night to get a decent night's sleep, this could be due to a hormonal imbalance due to menopause. Working to balance the hormones in your body can help you sleep better throughout the night.

Benefits #5: Increased sex drive

As women get older, the desire to have sex may continually decrease. The declining hormone levels is one of the largest contributors to this problem. One huge benefit to taking HRT for many menopausal women includes having a stronger sex drive.

If you're in the midst of menopause, and you want to decrease your symptoms that accompany it, you should consider the benefits of BHRT. Be sure to visit your GYN to discuss this option and to learn other benefits of taking it.